Yurts in Vermont


Are you looking for a Vurt in Vermont? Green and efficient homes are seeing a huge spike in pupularity over recent years. And leading this surge are, you guessed it, Yurts! That’s right, Yurts are quickly becoming one of the most popular choice for consumers searching for green homes in Vermont.

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There are a number of companies, real estate agencies, and home construction services available throughout the state of Vermont. The folks at Vermont Homes for Sale are here to help you choose the right company for your personal needs!

Not sure what a Yurt is?
A yurt is the circa 1890 Russian form yurta, akin to the Turkic word yurt for dwelling. The official definition, per Webster’s Dictionary, is “A circular domed tent of skins or felt stretched over a collapsible lattice framework and used by the Kirghiz and other Mongol nomads of Siberia”.

A Yurt is a home built from local, sustainably-harvested lumber. The roof rafters of a Vermont made yurt are made exclusively of hand-peeled Lodge Pole pine. After carefully selecting only the finest quality wood available, the frame is then hand crafted.By working with a Vermont yurt company, this helps keep the lumber production as close to home as we possible. You will also be doing your part to help reduce your carbon footprint!

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